MAY 20, 2019

Did you know that is believed that denim was first invented in Genoa, Italy, as far back as the 1500s. It was made for the Italian navy to wear while on duty. Although the Italians were the first to make it, the material itself came from a French city called Nimes. ‘De Nimes’, which means ‘from Nimes’ in English, gave the material its name. The word ‘jeans’, instead, comes from the word ‘Genes’, which is the French word for the city of Genoa.

I didn’t! :)

But I want to show you a pretty editorial “INDIGO QUEEN” on METROPOLIS REPORT Magazine where you can spy some pretty Aglaïa Jewelry’s pieces!

Love it!!!!!

Photography: Ricardo Beas of Seen Artists @ricardobeas_ @seenartists

Fashion: Chelsea Volpe of Honey Artists @chelseavolpestylist @honeyartists

Hair: Brittan White of Bryan Bantry Agency @brittanwhite @bryanbantryinc

Makeup: Soo Park @sooparkmakeup

Model: Daisy Hidalgo of The Industry Model Mgmt @_osme @theindustryny

Shot at Pier59 Studios @pier59studios

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