"We cannot hope to create a sustainable culture with any but sustainable souls."

Derrick Jensen


Elisa Finoli, the Founder of Aglaia Jewelry, is an Italian designer who lives and works in NY.

Her creations are born out of her passion for clean aesthetics, elegance and the beauty of nature.

She gets inspirations from both her surroundings and far away cultures: her Italian roots and her life experiences living in beloved countries such as India and Nicaragua. Elisa also sites Japanese culture and the 'Wabi-Sabi' philosophy as a source of inspiration. A philosophy based on finding beauty in the imperfect. Imperfection becomes a form of freedom and acceptance, a celebration of nature.

Her aesthetic connection to balance and shape is a clear heritage from her background in design, architecture and photography.

An essential ingredient in her life and work is the consciousness of the world: respecting it, making it better, giving back.

All her pieces are handmade using recycled precious metals or fairmined gold, pearls and stones are ethically sourced, use of chemicals is limited, her packaging is as sustainable as possible and in her studio uses renewable energy.


"I realized the jewelry profession was giving me personal satisfaction, independence, an opportunity to fully express myself, and an opportunity to follow ecological and social values of importance to me. And I fell in love even more.”




My cast pieces are made using SCS certified recycled silver and gold content.

And the source have undergone a rigorous audit by Scientific Global Services (SCS), a global leader in third-party environmental and sustainability certification, testing and standards development.

Both their facility and fine gold and fine silver products have been certified by SCS for 100% recycled content.  Their products and practices conform to the highest standards established by SCS and that each day they are helping to preserve both our environment and natural resources.

Environmentally Correct, Eco-Responsible Precious Metals

For findings such as clasps, ear nuts, and earring posts I use "Harmony" findings which are all made in the USA from recycled precious metals.



Nowadays there is the possibility to get certified conflict free diamonds, which are mainly from Canada, and they are conflict free, free of human rights abuses. This is still an option for my client but what I normally prefer and suggest, are either recycled diamonds (previously set in jewelry then removed, and re-introduced into the supply chain) or lab created diamonds. Man-made diamonds are sustainable diamonds; they are ethically grown with minimal environmental impact and they have the same physical, chemical, and optical properties and they are as beautiful as mined diamonds.

I also work with ethically sourced gemstones and I apply the same concept as for diamonds regarding the preference of recycled/vintage gemstones.



All Aglaia Jewelry creations are individually packed in organic cotton pouches and carefully placed in cute environmentally friendly kraft boxes made from recycled cardboard, with no bleach, no dye and no glue. Also the shipping packaging is completely made out of recycled/recycling materials.


"I found Aglaia through Instagram and love the organic yet luxe aesthetic of the pieces. I ended up getting the Piatto and Flat rings in silver. Ordering was easy since Elisa clearly communicated each step of the way and gave ample shipping info. I loved the packaging, down to the perfectly tied bow, and now wear the rings together on my pinky several times a week. I'd definitely recommend Aglaia Jewelry to anyone looking to buy gorgeous, unique jewelry!"

Kira M. – Boston, Usa

"I was looking for a simple and stylish silver ring to go with a black gown and this one is perfect! The bold design of Ma Ring doesn't require any other jewelry and the shiny finishing makes it great for the evening. I also thought the eco packaging it came with is a great idea and I loved the story behind this ring!"

E.H. - New York City, Usa

"I found out about Elisa’s creations by chance. I was scrolling down the images of my Instragram contacts and I was struck by a pendant that a friend of mine had just received ( it was Bottone Pendant). So I went to her website and…wow! Her pieces are really unique, essential but sophisticated, textured and with clean lines. I ended up choosing the earrings of the same collection of the pendant, Bottone, for my birthday. Wonderful. They arrived in Rome only few days later. I also found the packaging very original (and I appreciate that she uses recycled materials). From the moment I made the order until the delivery Elisa has been caring and attentive to every detail; she was really nice! And I cannot wait to choose the next jewel ;)"

Alice O. – Rome, Italy

"Elisa is a true artist and craftswoman. I own three pieces of Aglaia Jewelry and plan to expand my collection over time. The pieces are timeless—minimalist yet unique—which matches my aesthetic perfectly. Plus, I always get compliments when I wear my Aglaia earrings. It’s good knowing the pieces are made ethically and that a portion of the proceeds go to a good cause."

Kim M. – Brooklyn, NY, Usa

"I wear Flat ring everyday. It’s a carefully handcrafted piece with such a clean and elegant design. It’s one of those pieces that so seamlessly translate into my personal style. I love looking at this ring with all the scratches and scuffs I’ve added by being out and about in the city. It’s a timeless piece and a little bit of my everyday life is registered on it making it more and more my own."

Jon D. - New York City, Usa

"I had a great experience shopping on Aglaia Jewelry website. The design of the jewels is absolutely amazing: modern, simple and unique. I have bought the FEDONA RINGS for my sister's wedding and they are lovely. Also the packaging is fantastic: something unusual, but fresh, a very nice surprise!!

Elisa was very nice and helpful and the whole process of buying and delivery went perfectly smooth."

Laura S. -Milan, Italy

"I bought PUNTINO&BACCHETTE RING in Sterling Silver + Gold in Size 5 in March 2017 after a friendly email exchange with the creator, Elisa, on whether she could ship to my country. I love the unique design and the recycled precious metals used in making the ring. I feel good wearing the beautiful ring which adds a bit of glitter to my attire :)"

Jacin C. - Singapore

"This is ethical jewelry I recommend to all of my friends who appreciate well-thought-out and beautifully-crafted pieces. I have the Drop Ring which I received in January of 2017. It’s still just as lovely as when it came in - which speaking of shipping, their packaging is too sweet! You can really tell Elisa puts a whole lot of love into her work. Overall, a wonderful brand, artist & collection to support and enjoy for many years!"

Natalie K.S. - Jacksonville, Usa

"I grew up being told I was a child of the moon. I love Bottone pendant so much because it resembles one. I feel like I am hiding a little moon on my neck. Even thumbprint texture reminds me of the surface of the moon. I love thinking that I have a little moon with me wherever I go."

Jonathas N. - New York City, Usa

"With MIO Ring it has been love at first sight. And the whole customization made it even more special. Elisa accompanied me through the selection of the perfect gemstone I was looking for, as during the different phases of the making. MIO Ring is linked to me in a unique way, as I decided to make it celebrate the discovery of my pregnancy. I wear it everyday. And love it!"

B.G. - Rome, Italy

"Loto Earrings were my first love from Aglaia Jewelry. I wear them at all special occasions. They embody both, beautiful modern design and the glamour of a classic piece. But my everyday companion is the Cut Ring. I can't decide which piece is my favorite because Elisa keeps surprising me with her special touch and uniqueness on each creation. At every new design I get to update my wish list! I love her work so much, from the beauty of the design to the meaningfulness of her social and environmental commitment. And I love her support to women (W4W), where she gives us beauty for our daily world and hope for a better outer world."

Elisabete D.- New York City, Usa


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