VUOTO Earring - Long

VUOTO Earring - Long

from 150.00

VUOTO Earrings-Long are the long version, suitable for any occasion!

VUOTO means emptiness/nothingness in Italian.

Empty and Full are two different expressions to relate ourselves with space and its meaning. None is right, none is wrong. Ancient Chinese people used to call ‘Fullness’ as what was visible and ‘Emptiness’ as what was not visible/hidden. And behind every ‘Full’ there is an ‘Empty’ hiding.

Empty, the non-evident, non-manifest, deeply fascinated me and I wanted to communicate the value of what seems to be absent but, in reality, brings within itself a wide and deep symbolism.

Showing Vuoto Earrings-Long in Sterling Silver.

Imperfections and variations are part of the handmade charm, and to be expected.

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