Thinking of Us

NOVEMBER, 21, 2018

Yesterday I found myself in a whirlwind of thoughts and I ended up reflecting on how YOU feel when on my website and how I feel when I receive your order.

I imagined you liking my jewelry, maybe you found it by randomly
searching online.
Maybe a friend suggested it to you.
Maybe you started following me on Instagram and grew the feeling for what I do and how I do it.
Maybe you simply connect with my aesthetic and philosophy.

Whatever reason brought you there, you are now checking the website and feel excited!

You know you’re about to do it: you’re buying your Aglaïa Jewelry piece.
…But you are not so sure which one it is, because you like few of them.
Or you know EXACTLY which one will be because it was love at first sight.
And you’re trying different options: “maybe that it’s too expensive for me and for the same price I could get the other two I like... BUT that’s my favorite!”
Or maybe you’re not sure about the size and you don’t want to bother me with questions. (Please DO IT! I'm always happy to help!)
Maybe you just need to make your decision slowly and whenever you have a minute you run to the website…
Maybe you asked your friends, your mom, your partner :” which one do you think is more ‘ME’?”
Maybe, by showing it to your partner, you will receive a surprise!...

And when you make your mind up and finalize it, you feel relieved: it will be yours.
A percentage of that purchase will help some other -less fortunate- women.

You will receive the cutest package and you will be the owner of
something special and beautiful destined to STAY with you and
hopefully to be passed on.


Now let me tell you what happens on the other side....

EVERY SINGLE TIME I read : “A new order arrived” it’s like pure excitement!
I might dance, clap my hands and, for sure, I smile.

I feel grateful because you chose ME, you trusted ME and you liked my creations!
It’s pure self-estime grower/pusher!!

I feel excited because you chose a better way to look strong, bold,radiant, modern, chic, and beautiful.
You chose an ethical and small business bet.

Behind that website there is no corporation, no mega-team, there is no marketing responsible, there is no CEO, there is no machine nor robot.
Behind that website there is a woman, a mom, a person, an artist, a dreamer, a fighter. Working solo.
And every little order you make is the reason why I feel so passionate and ecstatic about my work.

My creations will be yours and I want to THANK YOU.

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