OCTOBER 25, 2018


I hope you’re having a lovely day!

Here is all a beautiful explosion of fall colors and the chill air while sitting in the sun feels soooo good!

But I have to admit that after the latest news about climate change I have been thinking and thinking and thinking.

Sometimes I got really anxious (but some others I was a bit more optimistic!!…)

The point is that we are all part of it, we can all be the ‘cure’ and we would all pay the consequences if we don’t take action.


And I realized that I really believe that, together, we can help reverse all that have been done so far.

It could be in our daily choices so that they can be conscious ones.

These choices can be small - like refusing straws or getting your coffee in a reusable mug instead of a disposable one, consuming less, composting, banning plastic bottles, stop eating meat, etc..-

or bigger, -like being involved in your communities, voting for better representatives (this is actually a very important one because politic has the power to make strong changes on a bigger scale), supporting projects that are already working hard to reduce, reuse, recycle, saving our oceans and the biodiversities. (if you want links or suggestions, just ask! :)

You see, I totally get it, it is so easy to just throw your goods in a plastic bag, it has always been like this and life is already so complicated. I know. But THAT is a little help you can choose to give.

Change doesn’t happen in a day and that’s exactly why we all need to collaborate.

Pick you challenge, start today, share it with friends, talk about it, make the change this Planet and all of us need!

CHANGE is such a powerful word and when it becomes ACTION is even more powerful!

I also want to share with you my next reading (thanks to my friend B, who probably got concerned about my worries and wanted to give me some more HOPE).

You might be interested too!

I will get mine today and can’t wait to dig in!

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With Aglaïa I made a commitment with sustainability and I try to always make my choices with that as a priority.

My cast pieces are made using SCS certified recycled silver and gold content.

The refinery has undergone a rigorous audit by Scientific Global Services (SCS), a global leader in third-party environmental and sustainability certification, testing and standards development.

Both their facility and fine gold and fine silver products have been certified by SCS for 100% recycled content.  Their products and practices conform to the highest standards established by SCS and that each day they are helping to preserve both our environment and natural resources.

Environmentally Correct, Eco-Responsible Precious Metals

For findings such as clasps, ear nuts, and earring posts I use "Harmony" findings which are all made in the USA from recycled precious metals.

All Aglaïa Jewelry’s creations are individually packed in organic cotton pouches and carefully placed in cute environmentally friendly kraft boxes made from recycled cardboard, with no bleach, no dye and no glue. Also, the shipping packaging is completely made out of recycled/recycling or compostable materials.


It’s our responsibility.

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