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I've always been fascinated by instinct to the triangle shape.

In art, architecture, life.
"The alchemical/magical symbol for water is an inverted triangle, symbolizing downward flow.
The downward pointing triangle is an ancient symbol of femininity.
One of the four alchemical elements, water has the properties cold and moist, and symbolizes intuition, the unconscious mind, and the enclosing, generating forces of the womb."

Tria earrings have simple lines and minimal look. They can complement any style with a glamorous twist.

Showing Tria earrings in 14K recycled Gold and recycled Sterling Silver.

Imperfections and variations are part of the handmade charm, and to be expected.

All Aglaia products are made to order at the moment of purchase, please allow 3-6 weeks for production.

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