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april 4, 2017

I'm so excited!
The page "women for women" is finally online!!

What is this about?
My jewelry adventure is a recent one and before that, for a period, I was lucky enough to experience International aid work.
The projects I was involved with were one in India and one in Nicaragua.

During this time I was able to disconnect from 'my reality' and fully embrace what we - we all, in our busy lives- often forget or don't want to see.
And it changed my life. Forever.

One project was a women empowerment project in a rural village in India; the other one was in a center for differently able children in a shanty town in Managua. (But we managed, there too, to support the women's community)

Two, main, simple thoughts were obsessing me:
- women are still victims
- [...]'When you educate a woman you educate a whole family'--Robert MacIver

We don't all have the same chances in life, but to certain women, chance, is not even a word.
So I keep fighting my tiny battles to make a little difference for other women.

With Aglaia Jewelry I have big dreams about helping, but for now I do what I can. And what I can is donating to support those who can make the change happens.

10% ofthe proceeds will benefit PRAJWALA project through the crowdfunding platform GlobalGiving.

But please, read more in the 'WOMEN for WOMEN' page!!!...And help, any way you can.

Thank you!

ps. The future is female ;)


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