Mio Ring

MAY 29, 2017

I'm finally sharing MIO RING with you!

After all the enthusiasm shown around it, it was time to find the right way to share its beauty with you!

It's a very particular piece which could be adapted to many different stones.
It would look similar the one below, but different.
(same same but different, like my Indian friends would say ;)

It would look yours and unique while distinctive on my style and design.

Many time it happens that you have a beautiful stone from an old ring you don't like anymore or that it's sadly and irreparably broken.

Or someone gave you a gemstone with a meaning....

Or you simply want to buy an ethically sourced gemstone and make it settled in a unique and meaningful creation...

Whatever the reason is, you can have your SPECIAL and beautiful MIO RING.

Elisa FinoliComment