Ma Ring

JULY 7, 2017

...Apparently we got it from her....;)

When I still was a little girl, more than twenty years ago(probably 25ish), my mom created a ring carving some wax and this was the result:


She originally wanted to set four, different, little stones ( like her children ;)...but time passed by and the wax stayed in the drawer.

I actually ended up becoming a jewelry designer and last year, when she was visiting, she brought this old friend with her.

With an excuse, when her holiday was over, I managed to send her back to Italy and keep the wax.;)
I adjusted a couple of issues and, together with my siblings, decided to give her the ring on her birthday.
She kind of forgot it for so long that she didn't notice it was missing....

Here is when it became gold...;)


And here is after I cleaned it and gave a double finish: polished on the sides and satin/brushed on top.
(We later preferred to go all polished)


(Please excuse my manicure but this job doesn't allow to have nails done for longer than the weekend :)

She was VERY HAPPY,of course!!And later we were discussing how nice it is to have something special and made by her for my daughter and nieces.
So she suggested to share it and to have the ring as a "special guest" in my website to celebrate a special bond,like the one with your mother.

She wanted this to be a pinky finger so the size is small (5 US).
I have tiny hands and, in my case, it happily goes on the middle finger. However, for the average hand I guess it's the pinky who wins!

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