JULY 28, 2017

Today I just thought I should thank you for being NORMAL. :)
(Normal is intended like "REAL" and it does include being completely crazy ;)

Some days I have an hostile relationship with social media...
I AM grateful to them as they can bring ME to YOU and vice versa, but sometimes I just have the impression that the pressure and expectations are HUGE and make people feeling uncomfortable, inadequate.

I am an aesthete and I admire those able to capture beauty everywhere but we must discern what it's just fake to what it's the world.(And ART it's a section apart.)

I am a 'real-life lover'. Which can be BEAUTIFUL and perfect in its imperfection!

I carefully select the bloggers/influencers whom I make collaborations with, because I need them to be real and passionate. They should believe in my product and my visions...

So far so good and more to come!

In order: Natalie @sustainablychic , Morgan @thegarmentlife, Oliva @elkantlers, Sveta @sdamiani and Azzurra


So, thank YOU if your face is swollen when you wake up, if you're saving for a treat, if you need to make choices, if you actually do your groceries shopping, if your last wild party was ages ago, if you have stretching marks, if you sweat, if you've never seen a giraffe eating from your plate, if you're tired, if you travel in economy and don't sleep on a red eye flight and if you're HAPPY for the complex, unique and real person you are.


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