FAD MArket

JULY 18, 2017

The weekend is over and it has been pretty intense!

I was in the City for FAD Market and I must admit that I miss living in Brooklyn... ;(
Two years as "country-girl" aren't enough to make the difference.
I never feel foreign to what used to be home for almost 7 years.....

BROOKLYN BRIDGE PARK was and is one of my favorite spots.
It gives me a sense of freedom and incredible energy.

NYC changes, EVERY-SINGLE-MINUTE, but the vibe is intact.
It is a place with a HUGE energy, no doubts.
There are truly endless options in what to do, what to BE, what to choose...
But I have to confess that, for the very same reason, I had a toxic relationship with my city for many years.

NYC gives a lot but takes as well and everything has a price. It's a very intense city capable of making you very happy or miserable.


But let's talk about FAD Market... :)

It was very nice to meet new friends and lovely people interested in what I do.

The downside was that I was sick (sick like you want to stay in a bed all day and talk to no one, that kind of sick ;) PERFECT for the occasion!

There is a specific story I want to share with you!

In the afternoon a couple stopped at my table.
She loved many of my pieces but she fell for Cicca Ring L, even though she ended up taking my card and leaving.

After no less than half an hour they came back.
"She really likes it!" I thought!
This time she tries it on, she looks happy, looks at her husband and asks:
"What do you think? Do you like it?" He said:" Mmm no."
She changed her expression, said something and they left.

My first thought was: why on earth, if YOU want to get something for yourself, should you ask for someone else opinion?
But I soon realized how normal it is and that I do it all the time (even if I'm very good at listening to myself eheheh ;)

After probably another 15 mins THEY CAME BACK again! (non c'e' il due senza il tre! Good things come in threes!)

She got the ring and he gave it to her as a gift!

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