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FEBRUARY 21, 2018

ARTISTAR JEWELS will begin tomorrow!
I can't explain how excited I am!
For the public the doors of Palazzo Giureconsulti in Milan will open on until the 25th, during the fashion week, it will be possible to visit the exhibition from 10am to 5pm.
The location is also suuuuuper nice at central (right in front of the Cathedral of Milan -Duomo-!!!)


And today I would love to reveal YOU which pieces has been chosen and are now getting polished and prep to shine among other incredible contemporary creations!!!



Both in solid 14K Recycled Gold (And sterling Silver Puntino)

Please, Send all your good vibes for them to do great and win the heart of many jewelry lovers! ;)

And here a preview of the new Artistar Jewels 2018 book cover!

"Artistar Jewels 2018 collects the stories of 170 international artists through their 450 creations, offering a encyclopedic selection on contemporary jewelry.  Jewels of the highest level, both for techniques and manufacturing, some characterized by high stylistic research and some by manufacturing excellence and reinterpretation of the traditional materials. Not only items to observe, to admire and to wear. They are first and foremost objects to tell, to live and to love. Those who choose these body ornaments love them and are spokepersons of an idea or of a precise aesthetic concept and by wearing them the the wearer becomes a tableau vivant of a story.  In the volume there are also the special contents dedicated to the international artists Yoko Ono, Pol Bury and Faust Cardinali. Get lost among the pages of this book; pages made of colors, materials, stories and passions, in a selection careful to news, without being afraid of the new. Walk a high creative and moving path. It’s the love for the art. And jewelry as well, in the art field, represents the Zeitgeist, the history spirit and it is never an accessory element"

"Artistar Jewels 2018 collects the stories of 170 international artists through their 450 creations, offering a encyclopedic selection on contemporary jewelry.

Jewels of the highest level, both for techniques and manufacturing, some
characterized by high stylistic research and some by manufacturing excellence and reinterpretation of the traditional materials.
Not only items to observe, to admire and to wear. They are first and foremost objects to tell, to live and to love.
Those who choose these body ornaments love them and are spokepersons of an
idea or of a precise aesthetic concept and by wearing them the the wearer becomes a tableau vivant of a story.

In the volume there are also the special contents dedicated to the international artists Yoko Ono, Pol Bury and Faust Cardinali.
Get lost among the pages of this book; pages made of colors, materials, stories and passions, in a selection careful to news, without being afraid of the new. Walk a high creative and moving path.
It’s the love for the art. And jewelry as well, in the art field, represents the Zeitgeist, the history spirit and it is never an accessory element"

JANUARY 31, 2018

Oh, I'm really, really so in love with this!!!
With what?
With the So It Goes Magazine story!!

I was not expecting it so soon but here it is and I MUST share it with you!!!


Photographer: Kotaro Kawashima
Model: Varsha w/APM Models
Stylist: Emmy Briggs
Make Up: Yuko Kawashima
Hair: Kazuhide Katahira
Props: Annika Fischer
Casting: Tasha Tongpreecha
Retouching: Chika Kobari w/ Cloak Studios

In case you don't know it, So It Goes is a biannual magazine that champions the original voices of today across seven chapters: The Actors, The Directors, The Artists, The Collection, The Musicians, The Places and The Writers.

The magazine is a meeting place for a global network of photographers, journalists and other creatives. In a digital world, So It Goes is a reminder of the power print magazines have to touch lives and reveal the issues, places and people that deserve to be brought closer to home.

So It Goes is also a creative agency that extends the magazine's network and commitment to unique storytelling into branded film content, documentaries, featurettes and short films. From Ben Whishaw to the Sundance Film Festival, it turns the new into the timeless.

Please, let me know if you liked it!!!

JANUARY 25, 2018

I don't know for you, but I always get really excited if I receive a package (whatever the content is)but if it also shows some kind of consciousness, it's TOP!

I remember going CRAZY when, in my previous profession, I used to get huge packages full of foam peanuts to protect, let's say, ONE tiny tile sample. That infuriated me! (they are useless and not recyclable...)


When I created my own company -focused on sustainability, handmade, recycled-recycling, giving back and living slower and better- plastic was banned, of course.

So, I researched and researched and researched in order to offer a packaging that would have been sustainable but not ugly, simple but sophisticated, elegant but not pretentious.

And, you know it by now, I came out with my organic cotton pouches in the kraft shell box with the silk ribbon.
The mailing cardboard box is 100% post-consumer and post-industrial, fully recyclable and biodegradable, with absolutely no virgin fiber content. Made in the USA.

Now, I was proud. :)

But not totally satisfied.

Yep, because there was still one little detail NOT allowing me to be fully happy: Bubble wrap.
The problem was that I had to make sure that my little boxes would arrived safe and dry to destination. Because you never know. And cardboard could absorb a loooooot of water, unfortunately...

But today everything changes and I'm happy to consider myself (well, my packaging!) totally sustainable!

And thank you to the amazing job of my supplier Ecoenclose, I now use
GreenWrap which offers similar cushioning and padded protection as bubble wrap but is naturally biodegradable, compostable, SFI-certified, and fully recyclable.

It artfully molds around my cute box, providing also a beautiful presentation.
And it takes up much less room than those awful plastic bubbles!

"Thank you Elisa, but I wouldn't be happy if I get this pile of paper all soaked..."

But you WON'T!
Because I will carefully insert it in the lovely 100% Recycled Flap & Seal Bag which offers clear protection from dust, dirt, moisture, and scratching. They also happen to be earth & archival-friendly.



If you're still here reading...A big Thank you! I really appreciate your environmental conscience :)

If I can have your attention for ONLY one extra minute.....

I would like to introduce you to a new addition to the family:

"O Bangle"!


He is Fedona's cousin ;) and I have been thinking of him for a long time...
Many clients and followers -both boys and girls- have been asking for a bracelet, a unisex one...
And here it is!
I can't imagine how pretty it would look to stack them up!

JANUARY 17, 2018

Happy 2018!!
I didn't disappear and I'm actually back with a lot of energy, new ideas and great news!

So, how are you?! How did you spend the holidays? Did you rest a bit? I hope so!!
Wherever you are and however you feel about this new year, I really wish you to get everything you might desire and worked for!

Being it a dream trip, getting your company off the ground, leaving behind bad habits or bad thoughts, a new home, an healthier diet, a commitment to activism,visiting that beloved friend who lives far away,getting more involved in saving the planet, starting a family or, maybe, a wedding!

In case 2018 set a marriage aside for you, I can help!

This is me, on my wedding day :)

I want to share this picture with you because the whole-Aglaia-sustainable-jewelry-thing actually started that day with me not knowing it yet.

We decided to get simple gold bands, but we wanted them to be special, we wanted them to be 'clean', we wanted them to be the symbol of our life together and we wanted it to be a GOOD start!
That it is why we searched for THE place in Milan that was selling wedding bands in ethical gold.

It is so good to make your promises knowing that you didn't hurt no one nor the planet.

And this is also what Aglaia's bands are...



And...... before I go, I'm happy to share with you some of the beautiful images from the blog JOY WED where Aglaia Jewelry has been featured in the engagement photo shoot of Angela Elise Photography
Aren't they super sweet?


"i carry your heart with me
(i carry it in my heart)
i am never without it
(anywhere i go you go, my dear)"
-E. E. Cummings

DECEMBER 08, 2017

I'm so happy to share this interview with you!

Hudson Valley Style Magazine interviewed me few weeks ago.
I mentioned  them in the past and I think that they really are a nice magazine. The fact that they highlight young artists, designer and makers of this amazing area of NY state, it's really awesome!

You know, starting a new business out of NOTHING (really nothing) it's NOT an easy task.
Everyday I see more and more results for all the efforts, time, sacrifices I've been pouring into my baby Aglaia and EVERY SINGLE time I feel so grateful

Passion moves me and I will never stop! ;)

So it has been nice answering Max's questions and a great exercise for me to think where I am and what is going to be next.

If you have SUPER-HERO visual capacities you might try to read the interview here ;), otherwise I would suggest you to click on the images. (Below I will also copy the text)

They only show a partial preview but we've been lucky enough that Elisa Finoli's pages were in! Yay!!!

And If you're a great fan of mine, you can always buy your own copy ;)



1-What do you do and how in your opinion it impacts the World around you?

I’m a jewelry designer based in Red Hook, NY and the way I want my life and my business to impact the world around me is surely by being a responsible, attentive and resourceful person.

It is not always easy and it comes with challenges and compromises, but it’s our commitment to trying that makes the difference.

We are the decisions we make, the products we buy, the food we eat, the causes we believe in and fight for. All of this is a process, a learning process.             

In my business, too, it’s a matter of choices and constant improvement.

I make my creations using recycled gold and silver (or fairmined gold).

Pearls and stones are also recycled/vintage or ethically sourced. I try to limit the use of chemicals as much as possible by using non-toxic alternatives.

The packaging as well is sustainable and made of kraft boxes from recycled cardboard and 100% recyclable.

No glue, no bleach and no dyes are used and the pouches are made from organic cotton.

Giving back is another important aspect of my perception of the world and, even though my dream is to one day make a bigger impact, I started by supporting a project of victims of sex trafficking with small donations from the online purchases.

I am aware it is a small gesture but, at least, it is one. Who knows how I will be able to help in the future!



2-How did you come to jewelry? 

Jewelry sort of simply happened. It showed itself as the synthesis of what expressed myself in the moment.

I was probably ready to jump onto this new amazing adventure. 

I previously have learned a lot from various experiences I was lucky enough to have.

Like in the architecture world where I was working on great design projects first in Milan, Italy, where it all started, then in London, UK with the well-known minimalist Claudio Silvestrin and finally in New York City.

My passion for space, balance, clean aesthetics, elegance, shapes, was temporarily put aside.

I needed to give room to social, non-profit, cooperation, simplicity and supporting people, which brought me to live in India and Nicaragua getting involved in social work.

The jewelry idea happened later, when I was looking for a sustainable piece with contemporary design for myself.

It was hard and I was never satisfied with the offer, so I decided to give it a try.

I studied what I needed to learn and started playing with it.

I simply loved making jewelry and people loved my pieces.

Suddenly it was a design process I was accustomed to matching with ecological and social values believe in on a small and very creative scale.

I find the inspiration for my pieces in the beauty of nature and organic forms but also in my architectural past. I experiment with textures, balance, opposites and I also get inspiration from the Japanese culture and the Wabi-Sabi philosophy.

It's a philosophy based on finding beauty in the imperfect. Imperfection becomes a form of freedom and acceptance, a celebration of nature.


3-How did you discover the Hudson Valley?

For years, I have been dedicating myself to design and architecture. So it was while working for the New York City firm Lang Architecture that I had the chance to get to better know the Hudson Valley.

I was the interior designer for a beautiful housing development project in Kerhonkson called “Hudson Woods.”

I slowly discovered a new world made of amazing craftspeople, authenticity, incredible nature and wildlife, little villages where time and space were still an option.

A few months, later my daughter was born and, with her, the desire for a different life. 

She was one and a half when we made our move upstate.

At first it was both a bit scary and liberating but we are very happy now after two years living here.


4-What is the definition of Hudson Valley Style to you?

My perception is that the Hudson Valley Style is the perfect mix of genuineness and simplicity with some of New York City's more sophisticated and refined aspects.

The Hudson Valley Style synthesizes what, in my opinion, is a good balanced style.

There is history, there is nature, there is knowledge, there is art, there is respect, there is abstraction, there is culture, there is spirituality, there is elegance…all in one.

This style is somehow very personal and eclectic.

It’s kind of difficult to describe it but, once you experience it, everything is clear. 


5-How do you see the future of Aglaia Jewelry in the Hudson Valley?

I honestly don’t know what Aglaia Jewelry will become but I can tell you what I would love it to be.

For sure, I want to work in a direction where the social help would go further than a donation and I would love for it to become a collaboration.

But I need to grow and have more solid base.

Aglaia Jewelry will surely try to be more and more conscious and to make clients proud of their choice.

I also want to continue to grow in terms of my artistry. I feel the challenge but it’s a very exciting one!

november 21, 2017


You would receive a code by email and an e-card as attachment.
You can forward it to your person, or you can print it.... or you can only use the code and get creative!! (treasure hunt, scrabble, a loving letter ending with a code and a link ;) ....

And if you have any question, I would be happy to help!

november 20, 2017

These weeks are literally flying...
I'm working on orders, new ideas and some 'secret project' I cannot reveal, yet...
But it's finally time to share with you one of the biggest news!!!!


Back in June I've been contacted and invited by ARTISTAR JEWELS to participate to their event!! I was (and am) thrilled by the idea and I think it will be a great opportunity for Aglaia Jewelry!

Let me better explain what this is about, with their words...

"Artistar Jewels, reference organization for all the international artists and designer of the contemporary jewellery, selected the new protagonists of the unmissable event Artistar Jewels 2018, sponsored by Comune di Milano. The initiative, full of news, will take place during the Milan Fashion Week from February 22nd to February 25th 2018, at Palazzo dei Giureconsulti, nearby the Dome Cathedral in Milan."

TWO of my pieces -but I can't tell you which ones- have been selected and they are already in Milan, Italy! (drinking an espresso at the cafe, probably.... ah, la dolce vita.)

(Actually, we should throw down a challenge: "which pieces have been chosen?" What do you think?)


But there is more! The pieces, prior to the exhibition, are going to be professionally photographed and a book will be published.
The book will be distributed in Italian bookstores (like Feltrinelli and Mondadori) and in the major European capitals.

(This is the last year edition,just to give you an idea)

(This is the last year edition,just to give you an idea)

After the event in February, Artistar Jewels will cross the Italian borders.
A touring exhibition of 30 pieces, selected by the jury of the contest, will touch important European locations, as the gallery ICKX Contemporary Jewelry of Brussels, known for the variety of the pieces with singular design, sober to minimalist, in which every piece is unique or realized in small series.

But the 2018 contest involves many other awards like:
the chance to attend the professional Goldsmithing course at Scuola Orafa Ambrosiana of Milan.
-to be selected to participate to two of the main European Jewelry Fairs
(Sieraad Art Fair, Amsterdam and AUTOR International Contemporary Jewelry Fair, Bucharest)

The pieces will also be on sale, for the entire year, on the Artistar Jewels website.

More news will be revealed in the next months so...let's stay in touch!

november 1, 2017

I need to start this way: Italy was great! (of course)
If you had the chance to follow my Instagram and Facebook profiles and see the stories I published, you probably already know how exciting it was!

As always, I've been mostly impressed by how tradition, quality and originality impregnate the everyday life.
From South to North, from food to fashion, from architecture to landscape.



Italy is in my roots and in my blood but, having left it many years ago, I also get to experience that "good melancholy" and a different perspective, which make my stays even more interesting!

But exciting it's also what's coming!!

In fact, the Aglaia Jewelry's   ETSY     profile is now  online !      This means that there will be  in-stock pieces  and you won't have to pre-order! ;) I'm starting with few creations but hopefully there will be more and more..     Please,  follow  or  favorite me  and... SPREAD THE WORD !!

In fact, the Aglaia Jewelry's ETSY profile is now online!

This means that there will be in-stock pieces and you won't have to pre-order! ;)
I'm starting with few creations but hopefully there will be more and more..

Please, follow or favorite me and...SPREAD THE WORD!!

DO YOU WANT MORE?..............I'VE GOT MORE!!!!

There is a brand new magazine, the Hudson Valley Style Magazine, and it is incredibly promising!

As the editors state:

"Hudson Valley Style is to us based on thee pillars: Rustic & Nature-Conscious influence of the Mahicannituck (the Hudson River for the Native Americans) history, Sophisticated & metropolitan edges of New York City and vibrant colors of the seasons in the Hudson Valley"

The Hudson Valley is a very active stage, both culturally and for its environmentally-friendly life style and I'm proud to be part of it and contribute as I can.
Sometimes it feels like living in a small corner of paradise :)

Advertising on HVSM I'm sure will bring good luck to both of us! ... and the collaboration doesn't end here, there is MORE TO COME on the Nov/Dec number!

Now it's time to go back to my shiny friends, but you know that I love to hear from you so don't hesitate and I'll be happy to read your thoughts and get back to you!



AUGUST 30, 2017

The time has come for Aglaia Jewelry to recharge the batteries and get ready for many fall projects and challenges!
So, what better to do so than going to Italy? :)

Actually it will be a mix&match of work and pleasure, with endless sources of inspiration and discoveries, blooming of collaborations,surprises here and there to bring home -on this side-, some new contacts, a lot of family and friends and some relax, too!

The last Italian trip was less than a year ago but it feel like ages...
If I'd have been asked to make a list of what I'm looking forward to, I would definitely go like this:

  • Hug my loved ones and spend time with them
  • Speak my language
  • Export ideas and plan to bring to life
  • Visit beloved cities and admire breathtaking views
  • Laugh, laugh, laugh
  • Make endless gestures (being fully understood)
  • Drink amazing espressos like there is no tomorrow
  • and, of course, EAT GREAT FOOD :)



The Duomo of Milan, Lake Como(photo by Paolo Margari) and view from Sacro Monte, Varese.
This is the area where I come from in the Lombardy region.

Marzamemi and Noto in Sicily region and Riccetto di Candelo (photo by Cinqueottouno), Biella, Piedmont region, will be among other beauty we'll visit.

So please, follow me on Instagram as will surely share interesting stories ;)

And finally.....
I want to share with you the latest MIO RING, created with much love and a beautiful .54ct Emerald and recycled Sterling Silver.

Compared to the one with Gold it has a totally different look.
Always unique.
I wonder how it would look with that warmer shade of 18K white gold.
Anyone? :)

(This super close-up of my hand makes me feel like I have chicken hands! But I promise, they are normal looking ;)

(This super close-up of my hand makes me feel like I have chicken hands! But I promise, they are normal looking ;)


Soon I will be packing and I can't deny the excitement (even if flying with a 3 yo could be really challenging!)

Hopefully I'll manage to share a lovely newsletter from Italy.....Let's stay in touch!


*Disclaimer: None of the picture of the Italian cities is mine.
I indicated the author where possible and suggested a link.

August 3, 2017

August has started and I really did not realized it!
Maybe it's because I am buried with things to do and holidays won't be here until September...
Maybe it's because it is a weird summer in NY: some days very hot, some others very rainy, and tropical humid, some cold and autumn-like....Yes, confusing...

But so far so good!!
It is ALWAYS amazing when I don't have to wear socks, wool sweaters and puffers ;)

...and a "confusing" picture of sky, lake, nature, reflections and upside-downs at Sterling Lake, NY. ;)

...and a "confusing" picture of sky, lake, nature, reflections and upside-downs at Sterling Lake, NY. ;)

But weather sounds like an 'elevator talk' (very New Yorker, right? ahaha) and I've got better news to share!

As I mentioned, I got caught in thousand projects and things to do and I forgot to share with you when the editorial "PUBLIC SCHOOL" has been published on
LUCY'S MAGAZINE a couple of weeks ago.

Lucy's Magazine is an online and print magazine focused on fashion and beauty. Here's the team
Yachin Parham -photographer- @yachinparhamstudio

Chelsea Volpe – Stylist –  @chelseavolpestylist

Alfred Lester – Hair & Makeup – @alfredlester

Anniek Amba – Model

Stylist Assistant: Domino Zou  dz_dizzy


Cicca Earrings_AglaiaJewelry_LucysMagazine.jpg

Wearing Drop Ring, Scudo Earrings and Cicca Earrings in Sterling Silver.

Few looks for the next fall and a Public School in Brooklyn as location, how cool is it?


JULY 28, 2017

Today I just thought I should thank you for being NORMAL. :)
(Normal is intended like "REAL" and it does include being completely crazy ;)

Some days I have an hostile relationship with social media...
I AM grateful to them as they can bring ME to YOU and vice versa, but sometimes I just have the impression that the pressure and expectations are HUGE and make people feeling uncomfortable, inadequate.

I am an aesthete and I admire those able to capture beauty everywhere but we must discern what it's just fake to what it's the world.(And ART it's a section apart.)

I am a 'real-life lover'. Which can be BEAUTIFUL and perfect in its imperfection!

I carefully select the bloggers/influencers whom I make collaborations with, because I need them to be real and passionate. They should believe in my product and my visions...

So far so good and more to come!

In order: Natalie @sustainablychic , Morgan @thegarmentlife, Oliva @elkantlers, Sveta @sdamiani and Azzurra @azzurra.bi


So, thank YOU if your face is swollen when you wake up, if you're saving for a treat, if you need to make choices, if you actually do your groceries shopping, if your last wild party was ages ago, if you have stretching marks, if you sweat, if you've never seen a giraffe eating from your plate, if you're tired, if you travel in economy and don't sleep on a red eye flight and if you're HAPPY for the complex, unique and real person you are.


JULY 19, 2017

This morning I was very surprised and touched by this message I found in my mailbox related to the Newsletter:

"I opened your message, about your business...and your business site/blog

I thought... what does Elisa Finoli teach me? What is it about her that is so particular? ... She teaches me to pause. To pause and to take in perfection. The perfection of things all around us. A old photograph, an old ring, a life, an opportunity. 

Go Girl!"

Could I be happier????

Thank you J. with all my heart!


JULY 18, 2017

The weekend is over and it has been pretty intense!

I was in the City for FAD Market and I must admit that I miss living in Brooklyn... ;(
Two years as "country-girl" aren't enough to make the difference.
I never feel foreign to what used to be home for almost 7 years.....

BROOKLYN BRIDGE PARK was and is one of my favorite spots.
It gives me a sense of freedom and incredible energy.

NYC changes, EVERY-SINGLE-MINUTE, but the vibe is intact.
It is a place with a HUGE energy, no doubts.
There are truly endless options in what to do, what to BE, what to choose...
But I have to confess that, for the very same reason, I had a toxic relationship with my city for many years.

NYC gives a lot but takes as well and everything has a price. It's a very intense city capable of making you very happy or miserable.

But let's talk about FAD Market... :)

It was very nice to meet new friends and lovely people interested in what I do.

The downside was that I was sick (sick like you want to stay in a bed all day and talk to no one, that kind of sick ;) PERFECT for the occasion!

There is a specific story I want to share with you!

In the afternoon a couple stopped at my table.
She loved many of my pieces but she fell for Cicca Ring L, even though she ended up taking my card and leaving.

After no less than half an hour they came back.
"She really likes it!" I thought!
This time she tries it on, she looks happy, looks at her husband and asks:
"What do you think? Do you like it?" He said:" Mmm no."
She changed her expression, said something and they left.

My first thought was: why on earth, if YOU want to get something for yourself, should you ask for someone else opinion?
But I soon realized how normal it is and that I do it all the time (even if I'm very good at listening to myself eheheh ;)

After probably another 15 mins THEY CAME BACK again! (non c'e' il due senza il tre! Good things come in threes!)

She got the ring and he gave it to her as a gift!

JULY 12, 2017


In case you do not speak Italian, please don't confuse Pizzo with Pizza ;)
Nothing to do with it....

In fact Pizzo means LACE and, if you were born in my Country, you would have been surrounded for most of your life.

Your grandma working "all'uncinetto", your mom watching tv with a "chiacchierino" in her hands... There would have been some "Pizzo di Burano" on the coffee table, or an old table cloth made with "Pizzo di Cantu'". Bed sheets, maybe? Towels? Yes. Some antique framed pizzo? Checked.

And, in case you were living in a very modern environment with no signs of ancestry, you would have surely found some Pizzo visiting museums, villas, mansions....restaurants, friends...

(Pizzo di Cantu', Pizzo di Cantu' and Chiacchierino)

To be completely honest, at THAT time I was absolutely not into lace and I've always refused to learn how to do this kind of things, which is a regret now.
On the other hand is understandable: it looked 'old' to me and I was into design, modern, minimal, contemporary discoveries and still am.

The difference is that I now value my traditions, I recognize talents, patience and art. (And I live faaaaar away and miss all this...)

(Pizzo di Burano)

I was fascinated by it, but I surely see it with different eyes now and I know that there is a way to integrate THAT with my visions.

So I tried ....and the result was a little new collection I called PIZZO :)






Before to go....a little me and some lace ;)   Love, Elisa  PS(I ignore were this was taken.....)    PPS (My mom promptly came to my rescue reminding me that we were visiting a lace store -Ah!- in   Offida  , Marche region and we also took this picture with statues doing lace-work.)

Before to go....a little me and some lace ;)


PS(I ignore were this was taken.....)

PPS (My mom promptly came to my rescue reminding me that we were visiting a lace store -Ah!- in Offida, Marche region and we also took this picture with statues doing lace-work.)

JULY 7, 2017

...Apparently we got it from her....;)

When I still was a little girl, more than twenty years ago(probably 25ish), my mom created a ring carving some wax and this was the result:

She originally wanted to set four, different, little stones ( like her children ;)...but time passed by and the wax stayed in the drawer.

I actually ended up becoming a jewelry designer and last year, when she was visiting, she brought this old friend with her.

With an excuse, when her holiday was over, I managed to send her back to Italy and keep the wax.;)
I adjusted a couple of issues and, together with my siblings, decided to give her the ring on her birthday.
She kind of forgot it for so long that she didn't notice it was missing....

Here is when it became gold ... ;)


And here is after I cleaned it and gave a double finish: polished on the sides and satin/brushed on top.
(We later preferred to go all polished)

(Please excuse my manicure but this job doesn't allow to have nails done for longer than the weekend :)

(Please excuse my manicure but this job doesn't allow to have nails done for longer than the weekend :)

She was VERY HAPPY,of course!!And later we were discussing how nice it is to have something special and made by her for my daughter and nieces.
So she suggested to share it and to have the ring as a "special guest" in my website to celebrate a special bond,like the one with your mother.

She wanted this to be a pinky finger so the size is small (5 US).
I have tiny hands and, in my case, it happily goes on the middle finger. However, for the average hand I guess it's the pinky who wins!

JUNE 30, 2017

Ciao! You might be interested in this.....

Everyone uses a computer, a tablet, a smartphone and, if you're reading this, you use internet and you search online.

Well, you can CHOOSE to make a difference even doing nothing more than SEARCHING! :)

Aglaia Jewelry uses ECOSIA !(click here to see their website)

Ecosia is a web search engine based in Berlin, Germany, which donates 80% of its surplus income to nonprofit conservationist organizations, with a current focus on tree planting. As a "social business", Ecosia is a CO2-neutral company that supports full financial transparency.

Today they informed their users that, by searching with them, 10 MILLION trees have been planted!

Isn't it amazing!???

There is ALWAYS a way to do something GOOD!

Happy Searching everybody!!!!

JUNE 27, 2017

I'm happy to invite you at FAD Market on July 15th at the Invisible Dog Art Center, Brooklyn!!!

The Invisible Dog Art Center is a raw space in a vast converted factory building with a charmed history and an open-ended mission: to create, from the ground up, a new kind of interdisciplinary arts center.
It's in the heart of one of my favorite neighbors in Brooklyn

(I actually used to live there ;)and it will be a lot of fun!!

Hope to see you there!

Here's the address:
51 Bergen Street Brooklyn, NY, 11201 [between Smith & Court streets]

MAY 29, 2017

I'm finally sharing MIO RING with you!

After all the enthusiasm shown around it, it was time to find the right way to share its beauty with you!

It's a very particular piece which could be adapted to many different stones.
It would look similar the one below, but different.
(same same but different, like my Indian friends would say ;)

It would look yours and unique while distinctive on my style and design.

Many time it happens that you have a beautiful stone from an old ring you don't like anymore or that it's sadly and irreparably broken.

Or someone gave you a gemstone with a meaning....

Or you simply want to buy an ethically sourced gemstone and make it settled in a unique and meaningful creation...

Whatever the reason is, you can have your SPECIAL and beautiful MIO RING.

AglaiaJewelry_Mio Ring

april 13, 2017

Olivia Eleazar, @elkantlers on Instagram, shared her choice of Aglaia Jewelry!

I'm always very pleased when the passion and attention to details is perceived and appreciated. Everyone has a different first impression, of course, but I hope that you all feel how cared is your piece even before it gets to YOU! ; )

Olivia's choices are:

FEDONA RINGS, CICCA RING Large and FLAT RING all in Sterling SIlver.

april 4, 2017

I'm so excited!
The page "women for women" is finally online!!

What is this about?
My jewelry adventure is a recent one and before that, for a period, I was lucky enough to experience International aid work.
The projects I was involved with were one in India and one in Nicaragua.

During this time I was able to disconnect from 'my reality' and fully embrace what we - we all, in our busy lives- often forget or don't want to see.
And it changed my life. Forever.

One project was a women empowerment project in a rural village in India; the other one was in a center for differently able children in a shanty town in Managua. (But we managed, there too, to support the women's community)

Two, main, simple thoughts were obsessing me:
- women are still victims
- [...]'When you educate a woman you educate a whole family'--Robert MacIver

We don't all have the same chances in life, but to certain women, chance, is not even a word.
So I keep fighting my tiny battles to make a little difference for other women.

With Aglaia Jewelry I have big dreams about helping, but for now I do what I can. And what I can is donating to support those who can make the change happens.

10% ofthe proceeds will benefit PRAJWALA project through the crowdfunding platform GlobalGiving.

But please, read more in the 'WOMEN for WOMEN' page!!!...And help, any way you can.

Thank you!

ps. The future is female ;)


march 31, 2017

The new -Green :) !!!- business cards have arrived! Thank you MOO!

If you don't want to compromise your ethics for quality and have eco-friendly business cards .....then go MOO!!

MOO Green cards are 100% recycled fibre, 100% chlorine free and produced using wind-power– which makes it 100% perfect for people who care as much about the planet as marketing their services.

They feel very nice and you know they're good, too!

I also ordered some fun, mini cards! Made from paper sourced from sustainable forests and packaged in a 100% recycled pulp box.

Aren't they super cute????

march 28, 2017

Today we had a lot of fun shooting for the new collection (and to refresh some pics). Ellie was a wonderful model even if this is not her profession!

I like to ask true, real women to model for my photos. They are beautiful, yes, but they literally are the women you meet in your everyday life.

I would love to share with you a little of the experience of the behind the scenes...


The planning for the photo shoot begins with some advance as you need to put ideas, pieces, outfits and the right model all together!

It's the third shooting that I make in my studio and it's so exciting!!! Every time I learn something new.

We put some nice music on, we make sure we have coffee, croissant :), water and lots of energy! We chat and discuss different jewelry combinations as what the best poses are.

An intense day goes by without even noticing it and I'm always amazed by how complicated being a model could be! It looks like an easy job, I know, but it's not! ( And I'm very grateful to them for being able to empower the essence of Aglaia Jewelry.)

The always certain thing is that I love to take pictures!!! I'm very satisfied with them: it's the way I SEE my creations and every simple details it's very important!

Hope you have fun watching this time lapse video:

march 27, 2017

Do you have plans for next May 6, 2017? So...If you're around the Hudson Valley -NYC included, of course!- come to Self Made and stop by to say hello!!!

"Self Made is a Makers Collective that brings together the top craftspeople and artisans in the Hudson Valley and surrounding areas for a one-day marketplace.

The day features 70+ vendors, some which include fashion and jewelry designers, leather workers, metalsmiths, apothecaries, natural beauty makers and more. Our vendors have earned the distinction of being recognized as inspirational figures within the handmade movement for demonstrating a level of savviness and skillset that has raised the bar of excellence in the Made-in-America circle. 

The event also showcases a number of promising up and comers, local food trucks, and music.

We’re excited to introduce the public to new faces while also hosting some OG industry favorites.

This year Self Made will be held at the historic University Settlement Camp, located at the base of Mount Beacon in Beacon, NY. We will be utilizing three buildings plus lots of lawn space!

Noted by Dwell Magazine for “flourishing with an abundance of small businesses, charming eateries, and intriguing young galleries” , Beacon has seen a resurgence in the last decade. A “popular weekend getaway” according to Conde Nast Traveler, it has a tightknit community that’s eager to support the entrepreneurship and innovation taking place in the small city.  People love to take part of the internationally renowned art scene, hike the mountain and visit other landmark places such as Bannerman Castle and the Hudson River. While it’s home to a Second Saturday, an impressive farmer’s market, and Jazz Festival, an event of this magnitude has never taken place. We look forward to bringing Self Made to the city and hope you want to join us!"

Looking forward to meeting you!!

February 16, 2017

Thank you Natalie for the great post about Aglaia Jewelry!!

Natalie is the talented girl behind   SUSTAINABLY CHIC blog, a place where fashion can exist responsibly, so we can enjoy the art and love behind the things we wear & use everyday.

HERE is her post on Drop Ring!!

"When it comes to fine jewelry, there is nothing more special than handmade. Unless, of course, the piece is mindful and made with sustainable material. Aglaia Jewelry does just this, and in a way so unique and elegant, I know my fellow conscious ladies will fall in love. Created by Italian designer Elisa Finoli, Aglaia Jewelry is handcrafted in a NY studio. The line is inspired by Elisa's Italian roots and her life experiences within India & Nicaragua, as well as the Japanese 'Wabi-Sabi' philosophy where one searches for beauty in the imperfect. Within the handmade, there is so much beauty to be found in the differences. It is the imperfections that give a piece of jewelry character, and a different experience for each customer.

What is very unique to Aglaia Jewelry is the use of shapes, balance and texture. While the designs are clean and minimal, the connection between these elements creates such an unusual and lovely aesthetic. When I saw this line for the first time, I couldn't help but dig through each piece and stare at the beautiful photos {I've added a few into the end of this blog post for you to enjoy}. You can definitely sense Elisa's background in photography and design - she even has experience in architecture! 

Aglaia Jewelry is not only about the aesthetic, Elisa's eco and social values play a large role in the process, as well. All designs use recycled precious metals or fairmined gold, pearls and stones that are ethically sourced. Plus, chemicals are limited and packaging is sustainable

I'm wearing the Drop Ring in Sterling Silver + Sterling Silver Drop. It's contemporary, sophisticated and designed for everyday. As someone who wears one or two pieces of jewelry at a time, it's the perfect size to make a statement and not feel the need to add more. Plus, the drop reminds me of rain and this makes me very happy.


Since I'm back to being a Florida beach girl, I can't help but feel this collection is made to be by the sea {maybe holding a glass of wine, right?}. The coral resemblance in some of the finishes, like the Punto e Bacchetta Ring and the Cut Ring, is pulling me in! Absolutely stunning.

or what about the nature resemblance in the Ninfea Earrings and Ring...

I'll leave you with some words from Elisa because our work is a great excuse to practice our values:

"I realized the jewelry profession was giving me personal satisfaction, independence, an opportunity to fully express myself, and an opportunity to follow ecological and social values of importance to me. And I fell in love even more."

february 9, 2017

So, So very proud to announce that you can now buy Aglaia Jewelry through Runway2Street !!!!!!!!!
Thank you @runway2street , I'm sooo excited!!!!
R2S celebrates emerging and Independent fashion brands from around the world. Curated and hand-picked. R2S honors real craftsmanship with high quality pieces that tell you a #story.
They foster creativity and are pioneering the #slowfashion movement with sustainable luxury practices that are socially, environmentally and ethically responsible. They seek brands with innovative thought leadership, highest quality and craftsmanship, that are manufactured in small batches supporting local communities

december 15, 2016

Are you following Aglaia Jewelry on Instagram? There is a #GIVEAWAY going on....



december 6, 2016

The London based architect and blogger Silvia of "I Love Beautiful Things"  just published a sweet post about Aglaia Jewelry!

The blog is really nice and gives a lot of hints and ideas about minimal interiors, architecture and lifestyle!

September 29, 2016

I' m so proud to announce that Aglaia Jewelry is now part of the Designer Directory AND in the Black Sheep Section (which is a good thing! ;) of NJAL!!!

NJAL-Not Just A Label is London-based global sales platform, virtual showroom and online community that connects independent designers to consumers. Products listed are locally produced with sustainability in mind keeping in-line with the slow fashion movement.