Elisa Finoli, the Founder and Owner of Aglaia Handmade Jewelry, is an Italian designer who lives and works in NY.

Her creations are born out of her passion for clean aesthetics, elegance and the beauty of nature.

She gets inspirations from both her surroundings and far away cultures: her Italian roots and her life experiences living in beloved countries such as India and Nicaragua. Elisa also sites Japanese culture and the 'Wabi-Sabi' philosophy as a source of inspiration. A philosophy based on finding beauty in the imperfect. Imperfection becomes a form of freedom and acceptance, a celebration of nature.

Her aesthetic connection to balance and shape is a clear heritage from her background in design, architecture and photography.

An essential ingredient in her life and work is the consciousness of the world: respecting it, making it better, giving back.

All her pieces are handmade using recycled precious metals or fairmined gold, pearls and stones are ethically sourced, use of chemicals is limited, her packaging is as sustainable as possible and her studio runs with renewable energy.

"I realized the jewelry profession was giving me personal satisfaction, independence, an opportunity to fully express myself, and an opportunity to follow ecological and social values of importance to me. And I fell in love even more."