VERTIGO: Silk and Silver, nice couple!

The time has finally arrived to tell you the story of a nice collaboration happening with Tarte Tatin.


Tarte Tatin realizes fine art accessories and blouses in precious silk, sewn by hand by Italian tailors. Their prints and patterns are designed together with some of the most important contemporary illustrators and tell in playful pop tones about romantic and mysterious characters and atmospheres.

(L) Babette il Pavone Bluette -in Pink , (R) Rebel, Rebel

Valeria (the founder and art director of Tarte-Tatin) and I have been friends for many years, now.
We met when we were 14 years old (!!) and both attended Liceo Classico in Varese, Italy.

You can imagine how years have passed by and experiences overlapped experiences.

We found our way on parallel paths but always keeping track of one another and growing our friendship.

She's always been a creative person and her talent of telling lovely stories (in rhyme) clearly stayed with her, translating now the magical of her brand illustrations.

We are now ready for a new phase where also our creations have crossed their destinies.

So, VERTIGO is born, between soft silk, shiny silver and the testiest stories....

Please, visit her website to know more about her story and beautiful silk accessories and blouses!!


With VERTIGO we put together our creativity, imagination but also the desire to help.
By purchasing VERTIGO you will extra support the PRAJWALA project allowing us to make a 10% donation.

You can use VERTIGO both as a Foulard Holder and a Ring!

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