"The journey of sex trafficking destroys the body, mind and soul of a victim, and fundamentally takes away her capacity to trust herself or anyone around her"


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Over 600 sex trafficked victims who have been rescued from dehumanizing slavery like conditions will be restored dignity through psycho-social support and economic empowerment for a safe and dignified life in the society.


Andhra Pradesh & Telangana is the second largest supplier of women and children for sex trafficking. Every year 20,000 women and children are trafficked, over 45% of them being children. At one end is the need to prevent the problem but at another is to rescue the ones already trafficked and restore dignity.This effort is done in an unsafe environment of social hostility and threats from organized criminal syndicates.


The new campus with Emergency Shelter & Economic Rehabilitation Unit that is constructed as a part of the therapeutic community is the safe haven for such victims who will be provided holistic support which includes psychological care, medical support, legal aid, life-skills and livelihood options.

Long-Term Impact

Holistic rehabilitation not only prevents re-trafficking but it also promotes effective prosecution. 600 child and adult victims will be supported at any given point of time.


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I am a lucky woman.

I am free. I am loved. I am respected. I can express myself, be creative, dream.

I have everything I could wish for and even more.

I've always had access to good education and health care.

I put a lot of passion, hope and effort in what I do and the biggest challenge of all is to infuse Aglaia Jewelry with what I believe in.

And I believe in beauty. I believe in slow over fast. I believe in quality and authenticity. I believe in a cleaner and more respectful world. I believe in karma. I believe in community. I believe in possibilities and open doors. I believe that we can make the difference. Day by day, word after word, action after action.

So, I AM a lucky woman. But I'm the minority.

We, the minority, have the duty to give back, to support, to empower other women who are born in less advantaged conditions.

Women can change the world.

I believe in that, too.




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